Right People for the Job

  • The exercises are suggested by a team of highly qualified therapists working in USA.
  • Every clinician is a subject matter expert in respective field.

Crystal Clear Pictures with multiple view angles

  • Every picture is carefully designed by a group of highly talented graphic and animation artists, who worked closely with clinicians to get crystal clear images leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Pictures have a zoomed in view of target area or muscle within the image, and multiple angles of model, to make the exercise intuitive and crystal clear.

Native Language Integration

  • Therex Portal is the only platform in the industry that offers true customization in native dialects both in content and calligraphy.
  • Patients can read, listen, comprehend and remember in native language.

Responsive in any device or browser:

  • Therex Portal offers one of its kind, accessible platform that is straight out responsive across all web browsers, mobiles (Android and IOS), as well as tablets.

User Friendly UI:

  • A lot of research and time is spent on creating the best UI that is intuitive to the user making navigation a breeze.
  • Minimal Learning Time to learn our application.
  • We offer multiple search categories that makes it easy to navigate and get your results under 2 minutes.
  • Less time spent on our application equates to more time spent with your patient.


Therex Portal offers the most affordable price compared to any competitors in the same industry