Why Choose Therex Portal©


  • Reach more patients, decrease overhead costs and generate revenue by utilizing our HIPAA compliant telerehabilitation interface.

Right People for the Job

  • Every exercise is compiled by a team of highly qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists practicing in the USA.
  • Our advisory team is comprised of subject matter experts in respective fields. The exercises and education handouts are backed by evidence-based practice guidelines.

Crystal Clear Pictures with multiple view angles

  • Every picture is carefully designed by a group of highly talented graphic and animation artists, who worked closely with clinicians to get crystal clear images leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Pictures have a zoomed in view of target area or muscle within the image, and multiple angles of the model, to make the exercise intuitive and crystal clear.

Native Language Integration

  • Therex Portal is the only platform in the industry that offers true customisation in native dialects both in content and calligraphy.
  • Patients can read, listen, comprehend and remember in native language.

Responsive in any device or browser

  • Therex Portal offers one of its kind, accessible platform that is straight out responsive across all web browsers, mobiles (Android and IOS), as well as tablets.

User Friendly UI

  • A lot of research and time is spent on creating the best UI that is intuitive to the user making navigation a breeze.
  • Minimal learning time to learn our application.
  • We offer multiple search categories that makes it easy to navigate and get your results under 2 minutes.
  • Less time spent on our application equates to more time spent with your patient.


Therex Portal offers the most affordable pricing compared to any competitors in the industry for the features it provides.

Monthly Subscription at $14.99 per therapist. No contracts.

* Save $$ on Annual Subscription (*Get 2 Months of free HEP).

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