About Therex Portal

1 Where do I access the telehealth platform?

On the header of the website, you will see a button that says Telerehab. Clicking on the button will take you to the telehealth platform. You could also access the telehealth platform directly through this URL https://telehealth.therexportal.com/

2 I registered to the Therex Portal application, I am unable to access the telehealth platform. Why can’t I access it?

The Therex Portal Home exercise Program and the Telehealth platform work independently. Please register to the telehealth at https://telehealth.therexportal.com/ to access our telehealth platform.

3 What access code do I need to use to get the free trial?

Please use the access code THEREXTELEHEALTH, in all upper case to get free access until the COVID outbreak is clear.

4 Does my patient need a laptop to connect? What if they don’t own a laptop?

Therex Portal telehealth platform works on patients personal devices such as mobiles and tablets as well. It is not required to own a laptop or desktop. Here is a list of supported devices-
  • Windows Laptop or Desktop
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android Devices.

For the best user experience and greater visibility, we recommend using a laptop or desktop. However, patients could also use a tablet such as Ipad to connect to the telehealth call. This will also free up the patient’s hands to perform exercises and participate in therapy.

Our application works well on the iPhone, by clicking on the link shared as a text message. Using a mobile device may increase the difficulty for the patient to mount it on a counter to free their hands.

5 How do I edit the schedule that I created?

You can delete the schedule, and create a new schedule.

6 How do I know if my patient has consented, or waiting in the telehealth call room?

As you enter your phone number during the registration process, you will receive text notifications to notify you when the patient signs a consent and is in the waiting room.

7 Is there an option to turn off the text notifications? They are overwhelming.

A ticket could be raised by clicking the support button. You could fill the required fields and submit it to raise a support ticket. Most support tickets will be answered within 24 hours.

8 Are there any other ways to reach out to the tech and support team, if I face any issue?

We are available by Chat 9 am -5.0 PM EST and also please email us at support@therexportal.net.

9 I do not find the exercise that I wanted to send my patient. Is there a way to add my own exercise?

You could upload your own exercise with the upload new exercise feature found on our Home Exercise program dashboard.

The uploaded exercises can be found in your personal My Therex folder found in the dashboard.

10 Does this platform have documentation and EMR systems?

Therex Portal does not have an EMR system integrated into the platform yet. However, our team is actively looking into adding a SOAP note that could easily be uploaded to your current EMR system.

11 Can the patient schedule themselves for a telehealth visit?

Scheduling a visit is initiated by the clinician. Patients currently do not have the ability to schedule a visit.

12 How long does the free trial last?

We intend to grant free access until COVID is clear, which is the end of May.

13 I see a blank white screen and I am unable to see or view my patient. What can I do to troubleshoot?

This happens when your patient does not grant access to the webcam or microphone or if you are opening the application in an unsupported browser. Our telehealth technology works well on devices with native browsers Here are the recommended browsers and devices to open the telehealth call link.

Native Browsers:

When using windows desktop or laptop please open the link in the chrome browser.

When using an iPhone or an iPad please open the link in safari browser.

Non- Native browsers:

Do not access the link in a chrome browser on an iPhone or iPad, likewise

Do not access the link on a safari browser on a Windows desktop or laptop.

Unsupported Browsers:

Internet Explorer does not support telehealth calls.

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