Cancellation Policy

Therex Portal is a web-based application developed to address the need of an individual physiotherapist (“Physiotherapist”) or a team of physiotherapists, either working jointly or under an entity (“Clinic”) to prescribe exercises to their patients ( “Patients”) and educate them on their health conditions by improving efficiency of patient management through its website “Website”), and/or any other digital platform accessed by its end-users (the “Platform” and together with the Website, “Therex Portal Service”). The following Subscription, Cancellation and Refund Policy shall be applicable to all Physiotherapist or Clinic, who subscribe to the service.

Subscription Policy:

The Physiotherapist or the Clinic will be able to access and use the Therex Portal Service on a subscription basis and the credit card, debit card and all payment related information will be saved by Therex Portal and any third party service like razor pay, PayPal etc.,. Such information shall be used to auto-charge the Physiotherapist or the Clinic on an ongoing basis, i.e. on a monthly basis in case of monthly subscription chosen by the Physiotherapist or the Clinic or on an annual basis in case of the annual subscription chosen by the Physiotherapist or the Clinic.

Credit card holder’s account will be automatically charged on the same date as the original transaction date on each corresponding month or on final date of month if no corresponding date.

All discounts, rebates or other special offers will be only valid for initial term and all renewals shall be at the-then applicable subscription rates.

In case the payment does not go through on the credit or debit card of the Physiotherapist or the Clinic, Therex Portal may contact you and try to receive payment through updated information. In case of repeated failure to make payments based on inaccurate or outdated credit or debit card information, Therex Portal may terminate the subscription without any further notice. All access granted to Therex Portal shall be effective only upon regular payment of the subscription fees. All changes to the subscription fees will be notified to the Physiotherapist or the Clinic and the updated subscription rates shall be applicable thereon.

Cancelling Account

The Physiotherapist or the Clinician can cancel their subscription from “My Account’profile page at any time through the cancellation link provided on the Physiotherapist or the Clinic’s login “Dashboard” page that can only be accessed logging in to Therex Portal. All requests to cancel the subscription plans via emails or telephones shall not be considered valid and shall be null and void. The subscription will, however, continue through the end of your current charge cycle.

Refund Policy:

All subscription fees charges are non-refundable; except that you may cancel the renewed subscription by contacting Therex Portal within three (3) days after renewal date and receive a full refund of the new subscription fees.

The time to process refund and credit amount in to the customers bank account will be around 14-21 days based on VISA/ MASTER card guidelines.

Please contact in case you have any questions about the subscription, cancellation and refund policies.

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